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heyyy [Nov. 7th, 2005|06:10 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |more than words - frankie j, (me and marcelo's song =] )]

yes i kno i havent updated in a longass time....

well, lots of stuffs happen
made lots of new friend in sept,
and i went out with marcelo again for a little, me and him didn't see each other though and broke up in lyk 2 weeks
in oct did lots of stuff too,
mitchells party was fun, we played reliveio =)

one sunday i was hanging out at vv's and marcelo came over *squeak!*
i hadn't seen him since june... i missed him.. he gave me that hug i had been waiting for
that night was fun but the next night was better
me marcelo vv and bri h went and saw into the deep, and well, bri and vv went off ""to the bathroom"" for awhile (they were acctualy hiding in the back of the theater lol) and welll
i'll just let ur imagination play out frm there but i will say into blue sucked frm the parts that i got to see *wink wink nudge nudge*

well, after that me and marcelo started going out
my mom found out about him being there and grounded me for 3 weeks

it was worth it. =)

it would have been 4 weeks 2day but last night me and him decided to go on a break


well now i'll tell u about today:

i was miserable, and planned on being miserable, but my friends didn't like that idea
i got my starbucks double shot of esspresso this morning,
and broody and moody while shooting free throws and nicole came in (i had told her wat happened the night b4) and she ran over and hugged me ALOT and kept trying to make me laugh by saying "my fish ran away, got right up outta is bowl and ran away"
Adriana was unsympathetic lol
Brie and every1 eles was constantly trying to make me smile and happy ever though i didn't want to be
brie and tatyana nagged at me for not wanting to eat during lunch , and shawn finally found out and was all "u can come to me to tlak if u need to, i'm here 4 u" i wa slyk "uhh thanx.."
Gucci sat with his arm around most of lunch recess while i drew and we sang songs frm shrek 1 & 2
i went 2 brie's house after school, did sum hw, she forced chocolate ice cream with hot fudge down my throat! damn u brie !! *shakes fist* u kno i didn't want to eat! lol
, and then we met bri to go to lincoln
we stopeed by marcelo's house 1st though, i had sumthing i wanted to gve 2 him
and then we went to lincoln and hung out with the guy who were playing tackle foot ball
haha we hung around a lil and then went to friendly market, on the way backet , bri being the crazy ass person she is picks up a big ass ornj traffic cone and smashes it into sum house's window that idiot!
(it was madddd funny though)
every lyk walk "OH FUCK!" and we took off down the street lol,
brie went home adn so did i,
every1 eles went to the boys and girls club

i may go to portugal this summer, i haven't talked to my mom about it yt,
i hope i can go, i'm looking forward to the clubs lol


this is for tim

wo pof , cw@pk vq? O rh@vvw c@tphg pz lokk f@revi pig@w. kwzvvg o thxp pofh ????