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Hey live journal, yes, i known i've dispear for quite some time.… - have u ever seen a kickass igloo? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 8th, 2006|07:41 pm]
[mood |flirtyGlamerous]
[music |"change your mind" - All american Rejects]

Hey live journal,
yes, i known i've dispear for quite some time. i've been busy. i'm quite addicted to myspace now, it's a killer site.
i've recently become aware of the shocking reality of things going on outside my small world, that ppl have larger problems than who i like now & that i truly know what my potential is.
currently the largest problems i am having are
A. Getting the attention of a certain someone
B. Figure out how to curl my hair in the way i want to curl it
C. COnvincing my mother that she should let me put an ornj steak in my hair
D. Find/Making time to practice my instruments
E. Loseing some weight (even though i've lost quite a bit already)
F. Trying to not to become as easily depressed
G. figuring out how to do certain things on myspace
H. Forgetting he who name brings a bad taste into my mouth.
I. Getting the attention of certain someone!!!!!
J. Making another certain some NOT notice me
little problems

all this is happening while i am STILL trying to cope with the loss of my aunt who i ko happened more than a year ago , but i still think about it so much,
i don't want to go to the trial
but i'm going to, i'll be brave.
my favorite cousin Jon andrew and Tilly will be there, that will help.
i think i will cry there even if i don't want to. i'll have jon to hold onto,
he's like my older brother exept we've never had scuffles (exept for once or twice) and he has never tried to beat me up like a normal older brother does.
he's always been gentle loving and kind to all the cousins.
and tilly is a doll, we never used to get along but we do now. i feel so bad, i mean, marie meant so much to me but she was my aunt, auntie marie was tilly's MOTHER. i can't imagine how that must feel. i mean, my dads not around but he's ALIVE.
and he was never around much neway when i was younger.

poor Til. i'm going to try to be the best cousin to her, i will darn it.

ah and yes, there is a new guy, forget marcelo. he's a liar and quite a jerk, it wud amuse me very much if marcelo read this. haha marcelo. i hate you, you'll be lucky if i don't get Jon andrew after you!!! bwuahahaa. XD
well, yes, this new guy, i will not reveal nething about it cause he prolli doesn't like me, and i don't kno him quite well, and if ne1 wants details ask ludles. if you don't kno ludles that really sucks for you.

Ah... well... what eles is going on in my world?? hmm...

oh, there is an overcomming amount of shit talking and backstabbing in my school *shakes head*
it's infuriating.
sum1 is always talking about sum1 eles, and that sum1 eles is pretending to be sum1's friend but saying stuff about them to another sum1 at the same time and i basicly think these ppl just need to get over, there is alot more going on in this world than gossip.
live. be happy. and all that jazz,
so stfu and stop T3PYiNG L!k3 TH!Z or i will kill you all.

you heard me. don't do it.
it's just stupid.
learn how to spell idiots...
sure i say things like Kno but people UNDERSTAND IT.
ok i'm done with that little rant... dodododo..
oh, i like tomatoes, i've found their taste now splendid. oh yes.
that's all for now...
toodles. =)

From: sewollutak
2011-11-01 04:35 pm (UTC)
Great writing! I want you to follow up to this topic!?!

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